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Living gluten-free can turn out to be the very best thing that has ever happened to you!

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All too often we spend weeks . . . months. . . years (!) feeling terrible with NO known answers – bloating, gas, skin rashes, not thriving, no energy . . . getting sick whenever we eat . .  . so draining!

Then, you’re FINALLY diagnosed with Celiac Disease or gluten-intolerance. YES! You have an answer! But . . . what the heck does that even mean . . . and how will I EVER live gluten-free?

The overwhelm sets in (no more pizza, no more cake, no beer!) a blanket of loneliness and stress smothers you with thoughts of “this is WAY too hard!”

But . . . it DOESN’T have to be this way!


Introducing . . .

In just 30 days you’ll gain a strong understanding to kick deprivation to the curb, know your safe gluten-free food options, and move forward with ease and calm to build a sturdy foundation so that you can build your thriving gluten-free lifestyle.

The MARCKS METHOD used in this course is the exact roadmap I created and used for myself, my family, and clients to build a gluten-free life on the right path.

In 30 Days through my Marcks Method, you will understand ….


M = Your Gluten-Free Menu

Kick deprivation to the curb as you discover the big wide world of SAFE gluten-free foods at your fingertips and how to create simple meals to lessen the overwhelm of feeding your family.


A = Attitude & Mindset

Learning to face, understand, and deal with your emotions as you enter this tremendous life-changing stage will help create a lifestyle that brings you joy and ease.


R = Reading Labels

Gain a clear understanding of reading labels so that you can choose the best gluten-free food options for YOU.


C – Cross-Contamination & Hidden Gluten

Uncover the hidden gluten that sneaks up when least expected so that you can lessen cross-contamination to ditch the times gluten unexpectedly jumps you from behind.


K – Keeping on Track

Learn the importance of sticking to your gluten-free diet and lifestyle so that you can truly understand the effects gluten can have and how to deal when things don’t go your way.


S = Simple Steps

Take simple steps to help incorporate healthy habits so that you can continue to build a thriving, healthy gluten-free lifestyle moving forward for you and your family.

YES! I'm In!

“I was very overwhelmed when diagnosed with Celiac Disease and thought I would never get my husband on board. When I met Jennifer, I knew I needed her help. She was very insightful and taught me more than I even thought was needed to live gluten-free. She educated my husband in a sensitive manner and he has come a long way! People who resist this change should really understand the risks, I sure didn’t. Jennifer wants what is best for her clients and goes the extra mile with her support and encouragement. I am now feeling healthier and more supported by my family, and look forward to working with Jennifer again in the future.”  Mary, Client

This Course is

a MUST if . . .

  • You have Celiac Disease or gluten-intolerance (but are overwhelmed!)
  • You're done feeling deprived and wondering WHAT is safe to eat
  • You want the steps and strategies to get back to living your best life
  • You're ready to let someone help
  • You know gluten-free can truly help you live a healthier lifestyle


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You have two choices:

#1  Continue to research on your own and put the pieces together slowly as you try to understand this gluten-free life, most likely spending more time and more money floundering to figure things out in a sea of misinformation.

#2 Take the Gluten-Free Formula: 30 Day Starter Course: The Foundation and have a sturdy foundation for your gluten-free life all set up within 30 days. The research and planning are done for you!

Classes start on Monday, August 2nd

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A Note From Jennifer ...

I've been gluten-free for over eleven years and raised my three children with Celiac Disease and gluten-intolerance.

I've discovered that if you put certain steps in place, you can wake up and live a gluten-free life that "just becomes routine".

This course is a culmination of everything that I have researched, studied, lived and learned with my children, my family, friends and clients.

I cannot wait to help you build YOUR best gluten-free life.

Are you ready?

Frequently Asked Questions

Absolutely. There are so many new things to incorporate into your gluten-free life, and many leave steps out, which can certainly hold you back. This program will make sure that you cover the bases to create and build a gluten-free foundation that works for you.

I get it - we are all busy.  I have three children myself, all involved in school and activities, and a husband that works around the clock, as well as my business and other activities I love doing.

But when it comes to our health - what happens when we don't take the time to sort it out? What happens when we keep plugging along thinking we will take care of it tomorrow? Well . . . we wake up in a year from now in the same place!

This program is a good fit for busy people. A new class is released every 5 days so you have the time to complete the class and the action steps involved. The action steps are very do-able and help incorporate gluten-free living into your lifestyle.

The Gluten-Free Formula is divided up over the 30 days to deliver what you need in a timely fashion, helping you move forward in understandable steps to complete. This is broken down so each step builds on the next – breaking up all the changes, making them easy to understand and incorporate.

All of the lessons are recorded.

I understand that life happens. Once you purchase the program, you will have access to all of the information for as long as I offer the course. You will be informed down the road if there are any changes.


If you do the work and you are not satisfied, show me your work within 12 days of purchasing the program, explaining in an email to [email protected]  why this doesn't work for you, and I will gladly give you a refund.

You can pay for the program in full with one payment.

You will get all 7 Video classes, Resource packets, handouts, and any extra resources that accompany the lessons, along with emails so that I can help to keep you on track.
Once the course starts, every 5 days, you will receive ONE new lesson, continuing through the 30 days.