Want to Learn to Bake Gluten-Free? 


Tired of creating hockey pucks, cookies that crumble up

in your hands or figuring out which flours to use? 


Wanna be the girl with THE BEST gluten-free treats on the block this holiday season?




How long have you been waiting to finally have the confidence


to try your hand at gluten-free baking?


6 months, a year, more?!

At first I was afraid to get started. I knew it would be hard!

I was scared I’d fail! 😰

And guess what, I pretty much did. We made bricks or treats that crumbled in our hands

when we first baked gluten-free.


Frustrating, huh? So many flours, so many additions or substitutions . . .


BUT I stuck with it!


Now 11 years later - we serve delicious treats

that are so good friends and family

don’t even know they are gluten-free!


Yep- I’ve learned a thing or two 😁


And I want to share all of that with YOU!


  Many of us NEED to live gluten-free - why not learn to bake gluten-free

so you have a healthy treat you CAN enjoy!


I’ll teach YOU the right way to get started.

Let me show you the way!


Join me in my Jam-Packed Workshop!


Go from feeling like a misfit in the kitchen to an empowered gluten-free baker sharing your delicious gluten-free treats everyone will devour!


Join Jennifer Marcks for

this LIVE Workshop via Zoom

(See dates/times below)

In this Jam-Packed Workshop you'll learn to

stop making tasteless treats or hockey pucks and get out of overwhelm in choosing a flour to use. You'll become the girl with the best holiday treats on the block- where your cookie plate is the empty holiday platter with everyone asking for more! Through the workshop we'll cover:

Gluten-Free Flours

Learn the multitude of gluten-free flours, choosing the best for your recipes, as well as the pros and cons of using individual flours or mixes

Additions & Substitutions

Find out what additions are needed in gluten-free baked goods to deliver the best results, AND the right substitutions for converting gluten-free recipes, including substitutions for other allergens, such as dairy or egg-free baking

Kitchen Essentials

Creating a safe and healthy kitchen environment is imperative to your baking experience - learn to cut cross-contamination by understanding what kitchen essentials to keep and what needs to be replaced in your own kitchen

Insider Tips and Strategies

Learn tips and strategies needed for gluten-free baking to help create delicious gluten-free treats everyone will rave about

After this workshop, you will have the confidence to bake your own delicious gluten-free treats without the confusion of where to start or what to use.



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Bonus #2 - A FREE copy of My Gluten-Free Baking Tips

Bonus #3 -Our Favorite Gluten-Free Holiday Treats Recipe Booklet (Priceless!)

(This includes our own tried and true recipes that our family and friends love and devour.)


Imagine all of this for only $97


***Can not join me LIVE?  No problem! You'll get the replay and won't miss a thing!


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"I definitely love your gluten-free goodies, especially the chocolate muffins. Never tried anything I didn't like and I am not even gluten-free! You have perfected gluten-free and made it delicious!"


"We’ve enjoyed Jenn's gluten free treats, using her recipes. Our family favorite is the no- bake coconut date truffles! They are easy to a make, flavorful and have the perfect amount of sweetness. My kids enjoy them afterschool treat or for dessert. They have the perfect combination, and are delicious!"


This is a MUST to help You

 save TIME & MONEY!



Don't waste more TIME researching

 You'll learn the flours to use, additions and substitutions needed,

tips & strategies, and wonderful recipes to bake


Don't waste more TIME experimenting to get started

 It takes time trying new recipes, new combinations and new flours.  I’ve done it for you.


Don't waste more MONEY

 Don’t waste your money throwing away all the baked goods that just don’t work -

no matter how much you try to convince yourself

that they actually taste good.


I’ve done that for you!



Whether you need to bake gluten-free for your health, for fun

or you just want a gluten-free option for your holiday table,

let me show you how to get in the kitchen and bake like a pro!


Let's show them who’s boss!

"When we have to make a snack for a school party our favorite treats are Jenn’s Gluten-Free Holiday Coconut Macaroons. They are always a hit with the kids and the parents and teachers always like to sneak one out too – makes any day a Holiday 😊 "


"I have always enjoyed the baked goods from Gluten-Free MARCKS The Spot, especially her chocolate chip cookies :). Jennifer’s recipes are excellent and the preparation is flawless. I would recommend her gluten free treats to any family whether striving for a gluten free lifestyle or just trying to find healthy alternatives. "


"This is the time of year when you want something yummy & warm for breakfast. We enjoy your delicious pumpkin pancakes, adding either chocolate chips or cranberries. We tried the zucchini pancakes this summer & they were delicious, too. Now we are enjoying the gluten free pumpkin muffins. Thank you for all your great information. It has made our gluten free lives manageable. "


It's time to get back to baking -

the gluten-free way!


Once you gain your confidence and understanding of gluten-free baking – you will be off and running.


This class will energize & inspire you!



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Join today and get these FREE BONUSES: 


Bonus #1 -a Workshop Workbook full of information and notes you'll be able to keep for reference

Bonus #2 - A FREE copy of My Gluten-Free Baking Tips

Bonus #3 -Our Favorite Gluten-Free Holiday Treats Recipe Booklet (Priceless!)

(This includes our own tried and true recipes that our family and friends love and devour.)


Join me!

**2 Hours Jam-Packed Gluten-Free Baking Class

**Live Q & A Session

**Workbook, Freebie and Holiday Recipe Book


***Can not join me LIVE?  No problem! You'll get the replay and won't miss a thing! 


All of this for only $97


Meet Jennifer...


I grew up baking with my mom, who ignited that passion within me. Being gluten-free turned my baking world upside-down but I wasn’t about to give up on something I loved. Now we’ve been baking gluten-free for over ten years!

As a Health Coach, I help moms live gluten-free so that their family can create a gluten-free life that just becomes routine.

As the creator of Gluten-Free MARCKS The Spot, Jennifer helps moms and families fall in love with their gluten-free life. Having Celiac Disease and gluten-intolerance in her family, she knows exactly what you are going through. Jenn helps empower your kitchen skills to gain back your energy and learn how to change your plate to change your life. You’ll be amazed as your family starts devouring your new gluten-free meals. She’ll help you ditch the overwhelm and have you back with coffee with friends, lunch with the girls and traveling to the beach on vacation. No more sitting on the couch and missing out on life!

When Jennifer is not whipping up a new gluten-free treat, you can find her sneaking off to read a good book, going for a walk or snuggling up with her family for games or possibly binge-watching Netflix.

Let's Bake Together!


Join Now for $97.00

 Frequently Asked Questions:


When and where is the class?

The Workshop offered a few different dates and times: Wed., October 14th at 1:00 pm EST, Thursday, October 22nd at 6:30 pm EST, Thursday, October 29th at 9:30 am EST, Wednesday, November 4th at 1 pm EST  **Please note that the registration for each Workshop session will CLOSE at noon the day prior to the scheduled workshop.

How long is the workshop?

The class should run between 1 ½ - 2 hours, depending on how long the Q & A session lasts at the end.

How do I connect to the class?

You will receive an email with the link needed to access the Workshop, the day before the workshop starts, as well as again on the day of the workshop. There will also be directions to connect via Zoom if needed.

What if I cannot be there LIVE?

No worries, the class will be recorded and you will get the replay. The replay will be available for 1 week after the Workshop, then it will be archived.

If I cannot make it LIVE, what happens if I have questions?

You can access Jennifer for any questions by responding to the emails you receive for the Workshop. She will be happy to reply and help.


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