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Are you ready to change your PLATE

to change your HEALTH

to change your LIFE?


 You’re diagnosed with Celiac Disease or have to live GF for your health, yet you're stuck thinking “there’s nothing left to eat!” and feel deprivation will now be the theme of life. How are you ever going to eat safely or feed your family, and where do you even find what you need?




The continued fear of cross-contamination looms daily and you wonder how you can stay safe in a shared household, or how to make your home a safe haven where you can relax and live a healthy GF lifestyle with ease.



You think your dining out days are behind you with no more eating with friends or easy coffee with the girls. You are holding back with going out and getting through your daily routines while you’re tired of staying home on the couch and missing out.



You’re restricted and depressed imagining that all of your celebrations are about to change. Parties with friends? Celebrating the holidays? How will you ever attend celebrations being gluten-free?



You are fearful of being away from home for an extended duration. Will you ever get back to the beach, the mountains or to your favorite dream destination without ending up sick and miserable? 





You know there are more steps to follow but how will you ever figure them out in your limited time?


I get it . . .  you need to be gluten-free and want to know everything to get started ALL AT ONCE.

It's time-sucking and overwhelming to figure out what is real and what you don't need. 

I am a big DIY girl and SLOWLY put the pieces together, in a very stressful manner without much help navigating all the noise thrown at me. (Not suggested!)


I understand wanting EVERYTHING in PLACE right away . . . 


but having TIME to LEARN what you need and TIME to IMPLEMENT THE STEPS and STRATEGIES with the RIGHT SUPPORT to build your gluten-free life . . .

gives you CLARITY and SUCCESS in creating a THRIVING and DELICIOUS GLUTEN-FREE LIFESTYLE you deserve without spending MORE time doing it ALL on your own.


Aren't you done trying to figure out

your gluten-free life on your own?

Join us in

The Gluten-Free Growth Membership


Monthly Class / Workshop on the Topic of the Month 

Classes to move you forward with so many –

“aha – I had no idea I had to know that” nuggets


Monthly Mindset Work

Learning to thrive in your GF life and doing

what's BEST for you


Monthly LIVE Coaching

Jennifer will answer your questions and offer support


Monthly Resources 

Build your healthy gluten-free lifestyle by learning how to WEAVE

gluten-free living into your everyday routine -

Recipes and food ideas will be shared!


Group Support in a Private Facebook Community 

Ongoing support and accountability

with other amazing GF women



YES! I'm In!

"Thank you for all the great information and community to help all of us! "


"Jennifer is a master at making gluten-free amazing! "


"You really helped me find some confidence!"


"Every time I talk with Jennifer I learn something new!"


Just imagine

having a gluten-free life you LOVE

with the support and accountability you NEED

Through the Membership you'll learn . . .


Time to Eat

knowing what to eat

and how to find your safe food

so that you finally feel great all day long

Follow through the Membership to learn your GF Menu, Reading Labels, Hidden GlutenShopping and even Saving $$ being GF


Time to Relax

creating a safe and effective

kitchen and home environment

whether you’re a 100%

or partially gluten-free home

Follow the Membership to set up your GF Home and GF Kitchen and learn how to get Family Support


Time to Get Out & About

safely eating out again

with friends and family and

knowing how to handle social situations

Follow through the Membership to Manage your Daily Tasks safely, Eating Out, and Hanging with Friends without stress


Time to Celebrate

attending or hosting parties and

celebrations with confidence

Follow through the Membership to safely attend and host life celebrations and fun activities, as well as thrive through the Holidays


Time to Vacation

getting away and learning how

 you can actually

relax and enjoy yourself

Follow through the Membership to plan your safe GF vacation, travel to your destination and stay in a location with ease and calm


Time to Move Forward

implementing healthy habits

to create a healthy gluten-free lifestyle

so that you can get back

to living your best life

Follow through the Membership to incorporate healthy habits in order to sustain and upgrade your gluten-free life

“I was very overwhelmed when diagnosed with Celiac Disease and thought I would never get my husband on board. When I met Jennifer, I knew I needed her help. She was very insightful and taught me more than I even thought was needed to live gluten-free. She educated my husband in a sensitive manner and he has come a long way! People who resist this change should really understand the risks, I sure didn’t. Jennifer wants what is best for her clients and goes the extra mile with her support and encouragement. I am now feeling healthier and more supported by my family, and look forward to working with Jennifer again in the future.”  Mary, Client

This Membership is

a MUST if . . .

  • You have Celiac Disease or gluten-intolerance (but are overwhelmed!)
  • You're done feeling deprived and wondering WHAT is safe to eat
  • You want the steps and strategies to get back to living your best life
  • You're ready to let someone help
  • You are tired of trying to figure it all out on your own
  • You are ready for the support and accountability you need
  • You know gluten-free can truly help you live a healthier lifestyle



You have two choices:

#1  Continue to research on your own and put the pieces together slowly as you try to understand this gluten-free life, most likely spending more time and more money floundering to figure things out in a sea of misinformation.

#2 Join the Gluten-Free Growth Membership and have continuous monthly support so that you can live your BEST gluten-free life without stressfully trying to put all the pieces together on your own.

Join the Gluten-Free Growth Membership

If you are ready to start creating a gluten-free life you love,

with the support and accountability you need

then . . .


Here’s what you’re getting

when you enroll:


*Monthly Class / Workshop on the Topic of the Month ($97)

*Monthly Mindset Work ($67)

*Monthly LIVE Coaching ($200)

*Monthly Resources ($47-$97) 

*Group Support in a Private Facebook Community ($247)

*transforming your life into a sustainable

& delicious GF lifestyle (PRICELESS)


**Valued at $708/Month


Your monthly subscription payment:


(Limited time offer / Nov. 28th-30th

expires at midnight EST)

(You may cancel at any time prior to your next billing)

**Access to Membership - December 1st



Join NOW and get FREE access to our fabulous Masterclass:

How to Survive and Thrive Through Your GF Holidays with Ease and Calm

($97 value!)


A Note From Jennifer ...

I've been gluten-free for over twelve years and raised my three children with Celiac Disease and gluten-intolerance.

I've discovered that if you put certain steps in place, you can wake up and live a gluten-free life that "just becomes routine".

This Membership is a culmination of everything that I have researched, studied, lived and learned with my children, my family, friends and clients.

I cannot wait to help you build YOUR best gluten-free life.

Are you ready?

Frequently Asked Questions

Absolutely. There are so many new things to incorporate into your gluten-free life, and many leave steps out, which can certainly hold you back. This membership will make sure that you cover the bases to create and build a gluten-free foundation that works for you.

I get it - we are all busy.  I have three children myself, all involved in school and activities, and a husband that works around the clock, as well as my business and other activities I love doing.

But when it comes to our health - what happens when we don't take the time to sort it out? What happens when we keep plugging along thinking we will take care of it tomorrow? Well . . . we wake up in a year from now in the same place!

This Membership is a good fit for busy people. A new topic is released every month so you have the time to complete the class/workshop shared, implement the action steps involved and participate in the coaching (which will also be recorded to watch on your time). The action steps are very doable and help incorporate gluten-free living into your lifestyle. You have the whole month to work on this one topic, which is incredible for implementing small steps for BIG rewards!

The Gluten-Free Growth Membership shares a new gluten-free topic each month. Honestly, this is a fabulous way to build your gluten-free life without the overwhelm of trying to change everything at once. 

The classes/workshop per month are recorded and you can watch them on your own time. The monthly coaching session with Jennifer will be LIVE but will also be recorded to watch again or watch on your time.

I understand that life happens. Once you join the Membership, you will have access to all of the information for as long as I offer the Membership. You will be informed down the road if there are any changes.


This is a monthly subscription, meaning that you will be billed each month to continue to participate. If you do not wish to continue in the Membership, you may cancel before your next billing statement to exit the membership. Reach out to our team at [email protected] if you have any questions.

This is a monthly subscription - you will be billed the same dollar amount you paid to enter the Membership each month moving forward. Your set price for the Membership will not go up when the price does increase in the future. Although, if you leave the Membership, and then return, you will be required to pay the higher price of the Membership when reentering at that time (not what you had previously paid).

Each month you will get the Class or Workshop on the gluten-free topic for the month, Mindset work, Resources to help move you forward, LIVE Monthly Coaching with Jennifer, and a Private Facebook Community for continued support and accountability. You will also receive emails to help keep you on track.