Worried about how to get through your gluten-free holiday meals?

Grab our delicious

gluten-free holiday recipes your whole family will love

Whether you’re new or have been gluten-free for a while,
the holidays can bring along a little bit of stress . . .


What the heck are we going to eat!

Deprivation sets in and you feel left out.


Cooking at home keeps your gluten-free life on track . . . and saves $.


But . . . finding gluten-free holiday recipes

everyone loves can feel impossible.


HOW do you get your family to eat and ask for seconds

and KNOW that you have a safe Gluten-free dinner to serve?


What if . . . you had the right holiday recipes

to bring to the table?


Being gluten-free doesn't mean giving up your favorite holiday dishes.  

There will be NO deprivation for you this year!



Introducing . . .

"Not only has Jennifer’s easy-to-follow recipes helped me introduce delicious gluten-free recipes into my meals, they have also won over my children’s taste buds!"  Ani

In this Recipe Book, you'll get . . .


*the GF Holiday Recipe Guide with all gluten-free and dairy-free recipes

*our favorite holiday side dishes

*our favorite holiday desserts no one will even know are gluten-free

*recipes to keep you healthy during the busy holiday season


You CAN be filled with success and confidence

as you serve your delicious gluten-free holiday meal

to your family this holiday season!


*NO deprivation as you enjoy a delicious, safe

gluten-free holiday celebration with your family!


 "Change your plate . . . change your health . . . change your life." 



"The holiday meals are always something we look forward to at our house! I especially love Thanksgiving when I get to make my favorite side dish: creamed onions. Mom and I made them together every year as I was growing up, and I can’t wait to make them for my roommates this holiday season. I know they’re all going to love how rich and tasty they are. Our GF, DF creamed onions are always a favorite at the table! My mom’s recipes never disappoint! I cannot wait to be back home for our holiday meals!"  Alex Marcks


A Note from Jennifer...


I’ve been gluten-free for 14 years and all three of my children are GF due to Celiac and gluten-intolerance. I grew up baking with my mom and cooking with my dad.

I’ve always loved being in the kitchen creating great food.  When we began our GF life, it sure threw us a curve. But we bounced back and recreated all of our favorite meals to be gluten-free - and have not stopped.

As a Gluten-Free Health Coach, I aim to teach my clients to enjoy food - healthy, delicious gluten-free food. Oh . . . don't worry, sinful dishes are great . . . at special times. I can say that we really enjoy the food at our home, and want to pass that on to you!

Dinner at our house always ends with clean plates and all the kids saying, “Thanks, mom! That was really good!”

Let’s get that at your house too - especially at the holidays!