Moms Night-In

Virtual Gluten-Free Cooking Class


Gluten-Free Clean Eating


Learn how to make delicious & nutritious

gluten-free recipes to reboot your health

March 10th at 6:30 p.m. EST

**Registration closes Tuesday, March 9th

***Replay is available if you cannot join live.


Winter got you down?


Are you ready to boost your immune system, lose weight and feel better overall?

Want to start feeling revitalized and energized?

Need some delicious meals that are also healthy and nutritious?

 Well . . .

Learn WHY and HOW to change your plate to change your life.

If you want to boost your plate to boost your health - then this class is for you. Learn how clean eating can help REBOOT your body for health.

As a Gluten-Free Health Coach, I weave in nutritional, healthy nuggets to help put your life on the right track – and during this class, we’ll be talking about healthy gluten-free meals your family will love.

Join Jennifer to kick up the health at your house with our easy and delicious gluten-free clean eating recipes to reboot your health.

Learn new recipes and get inspired to get in the kitchen.

"Not only has Jennifer’s easy-to-follow recipes helped me introduce delicious gluten-free recipes into my meals, they have also won over my children’s taste buds!"  Ani

Grab your friends, a glass of wine

and have some fun


Being gluten-free doesn't mean giving up delicious meals


*Learn how taking out certain foods for just a few days can truly reboot your health and change your energy.

*Stop stressing about what to feed your family and gather new ideas for inspiration to get in the kitchen.

*Learn three new gluten-free recipes to try at home (Yes! You get copies of each recipe.)

*Find out how your kids will gobble up your gluten-free meals and treats and leave the table with a big “THANK YOU Mom!”   (I get this every day at my house!)

*Take these easy (and fun) steps to start making healthier choices at your house.


All this for just $25!

*Bonus Cheat Sheet: Tips for an Easy Cleanse

***Replay is available if you cannot join live.


"Jennifer Marcks really hits the "gluten-free spot" with her cooking classes. When it comes to gluten free eating, I am a true skeptic. But after participating in her class, I am willing to give it another look! Jenn keeps the class engaged every step of the way and shows that gluten-free cooking CAN be tasty AND healthy. I also learned some tips and tricks in regards to ingredient substitutions and meal planning. Highly recommend!"   Rachel

A Note from Jennifer...


I’ve been gluten-free for 11 years and all three of my children are GF due to Celiac and gluten-intolerance. I grew up baking with my mom and cooking with my dad.

I’ve always loved being in the kitchen creating great food.  When we began our GF life, it sure threw us a curve. But we bounced back and recreated all of our favorite meals to be gluten-free - and have not stopped.

As a Gluten-Free Health Coach, I aim to teach my clients to enjoy food - healthy, delicious gluten-free food. Oh . . . don't worry, sinful dishes are great . . . at special times. I can say that we really enjoy the food at our home, and want to pass that on to you!

Dinner at our house always ends with clean plates and all the kids saying, “Thanks, mom! That was really good!”

Let’s get that at your house too!



Cooking Class: Frequently Asked Questions



What do you get with the cooking class?

You will get copies of the recipes made, a bonus Cheat Sheet of the topic covered, along with a fabulous time learning a healthy way to live a gluten-free lifestyle.

How long is the class?

Each class varies depending on the recipes made and class participation. They typically run between 1 – 1 ½ hours, 2 hours at the most.

How do I connect to the class?

You will receive a special Zoom link to join the class as scheduled. This will be emailed to you the day before and the day of class.

What if I do not know how to use Zoom?

You will receive information on how to connect to Zoom as well as what to do it you run into problems.


 "Change your plate . . . change your health . . . change your life."