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Ready to create your best gluten-free summer without the complaints of nothing to do, nowhere to go and nothing left to eat?


Then you need to grab your own copy of The Ultimate Gluten-Free Summer Survival Guide so that you can create fun-filled days keeping everyone happy and navigate being gluten-free easily throughout the summer.


Are you ready for some fun?


In this detailed 19 page e-book, The Ultimate Gluten-Free Summer Guide helps create a summer that will sizzle your shoulders as you stroll along the beach, hike through the mountains or hangout in the backyard for some family fun, all while taking away the worry of being gluten-free.

  • Never be stranded again without gluten-free snacks. (No more grouchy, hungry kids!)
  • Find the best gluten-free sunscreens so you don’t have a reaction to ruin your day.

  • Over 20 quick summer meal ideas for easy to prepare gluten-free dinners on the table every night, even after jam-packed, fun-filled days with the kids.

  • Tips to manage your fear of cross-contamination on vacation whether you are renting a hotel, a house or staying with friends.

  • Choose camps and activities that maintain your children’s gluten-free lifestyle instead of leaving them off to the sidelines. (Yep, you get the questions to ask before signing on the dotted line.)

  • BONUS: Over 50 activity ideas to keep your beautiful family busy. No more days of, “There’s nothing to do!”


    Are you ready to create lasting summer memories?

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Hey there! I'm Jennifer... 

Wife, mom and Health Coach who has been through multiple gluten-free summers and have our system of planning and fun down!

As the creator of Gluten-Free MARCKS The Spot, Jennifer helps moms and families fall in love with their gluten-free life. Having Celiac Disease and gluten-intolerance in her family, she knows exactly what you are going through. Jennifer helps empower your kitchen skills to gain back your energy and learn how to change your plate to change your life. You’ll be amazed as your family starts devouring your new gluten-free meals. She’ll help you ditch the overwhelm and have you back with coffee with friends, lunch with the girls and traveling to the beach on vacation. No more sitting on the couch and missing out on life!

This summer is no exception - let's get out there to explore and soak up the sun as you stroll down the beach or hike through the mountains!

Start your BEST gluten-free summer today!

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"Every time I meet with Jennifer she teaches me something new! She is a wealth of knowledge!"


"As a gluten-free mom myself, I was so impressed with Jennifer's expertise in her gluten-free summer booklet. She not only speaks to the food aspect with ideas for snacks, meals and drinks but the many lifestyle and environmental aspects that come up, especially during the summer. From travelling away from home, to day trips, to camps for our kids, to hidden sources of cross-contamination, it will help me and my kids stay healthy and gluten free all summer long and beyond. "

Alexandra Chaffanjon
Gluten-Free Mom

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