Finally Set Up

Your Kitchen for

Gluten-Free Safety and Support


Even if you have a mixed household

eating gluten and gluten-free foods


Tired of getting glutenened in your own kitchen?

You're in luck! I'm here to give you everything you need to create a safe

gluten-free kitchen that kicks cross-contamination to the curb.

You'll even learn how to get your family on board!


You need: Your Confident

Gluten-Free Kitchen Course


Yes! Gluten can be hiding everywhere!

You've finally figured out what to eat and cannot understand why you still feel terrible and are being glutened at home. You really want to make your gluten-free life work, without the daily struggles, without the belly bloat  . . .  you want to finally relax.

Maybe you didn't realize that there are certain steps to take at home that are imperative to creating a safe and healthy gluten-free kitchen.

You are not alone. Too many people leave out this important step before realizing how much it can hold them back.

No worries!  Now you know - And this program can help you take those steps to create a safe  kitchen for your healthy, gluten-free lifestyle. 


Introducing . . . Your Confident Gluten-Free Kitchen Course

I created this program with you in mind. This valuable program will help you knock cross-contamination to the curb to live a healthier lifestyle. Your kitchen should be a space where you feel confident to cook and bake your delicious gluten-free meals and treats to enjoy with your family and friends, not a place to get sick, or glutened. Everyone needs a safe spot to relax in their own home- and you can start creating yours today. ****When you sign up you'll have access to the four video classes listed below, detailing the step by step actions to take, downloadable resources and cheat sheets, and my support through email.

Learn how to set up these areas and store your food so that you can create a healthy gluten-free place in your kitchen.

Learn what is safe to keep and what needs to be replaced in order to keep your health in your own gluten-free home.

HOW TO USE SAFE GLUTEN-FREE                                SPICES & OILS
Learn which spices and oils best create a healthy gluten-free life, and the steps to take in checking what you have on hand.

Learn how to gain the support of your family to help move forward in your gluten-free life.

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Bonus #1 - My Meal Planning E-Book for Today's Tough Times ($27 value)

Bonus #2 - 60 Spectacular Recipes to Boost Ideas for Meal Planning ($27 value)

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"I spent awhile being glutened before realizing it was from my own kitchen. Once we had the steps in place to create a safe kitchen for our gluten-free life, we all felt so much better and really diminished cross-contamination issues. For our family, it made all the difference in the world."


"Jennifer’s Confident Gluten-Free Kitchen Course is a must see for people who need to overhaul both their lives and their kitchens due to gluten allergies or sensitivities! Oh how I wish I found her sooner! Jenn's educational, comprehensive and well laid out classes would have saved me SO much time, energy and quite frankly anxiety. If you are beginning on your gluten-free journey or even in the middle of it, I highly recommend Jenn's course as it contains everything you need to know about gluten and a setting up your gluten-free kitchen all in one place! Even after being on this journey for 4 years, I learned great tips and tricks from the videos. I am so very grateful that she chose to share her research and experiences with others in this way. Thank you Jenn! "

Lauren Palmer

Meet Jennifer...

As the creator of Gluten-Free MARCKS The Spot, Jennifer helps moms and families fall in love with their gluten-free life. Having Celiac Disease and gluten-intolerance in her family, she knows exactly what you are going through. Jennifer helps empower your kitchen skills to gain back your energy and learn how to change your plate to change your life. You’ll be amazed as your family starts devouring your new gluten-free meals. She’ll help you ditch the overwhelm and have you back with coffee with friends, lunch with the girls and traveling to the beach on vacation. No more sitting on the couch and missing out on life!

When Jennifer is not whipping up a new gluten-free treat, you can find her sneaking off to read a good book, going for a walk or snuggling up with her family for games or possibly binge-watching Netfix.


Join the Course today and grab TWO FREE BONUSES!

Bonus #1 - My Meal Planning E-Book for Today's Tough Times ($27 value)

Bonus #2 - 60 Spectacular Recipes to Boost Ideas for Meal Planning ($27 value)

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